Vvalyou is a brand owned by Palindrome Media Pvt. Ltd. Our zeal and out of the box mindset have made us work with the top leading brands in India.

Vvalyou e-commerce is started with a vision to provide its customers with an exclusive platform to get the best value transactions in the online marketplace. We value your time and money. Hence, we bring you the finest deals in all areas of life. We work with a wide range of manufacturers, companies and traders to provide the best brands at the best value to our customers.

Vvalyou is no longer just an online marketplace, and it has extended its customer outreach in Indian traditional retail space. Our Multi-brand store is the fast growing retail chain in non-metros and metros by providing the one-stop-shop solution to the customer’s needs in electronic, home appliances, home utility, kitchen appliances, merchandise, mobile accessories and many more. We provide the state-of-the-art retail solutions to the small/medium shop owners at the minimum investment with an aggressive reach out and marketing efforts.

You can reach us at:
Whatsapp: (+91) 81300-29047
Email: care@vvalyou.com

Vvalyou - A Big Retail Opportunity in Your Town!