Chandan Mouth Freshener (Chandan Mukhwas) Superbia Royal Pack of Dry Ginger Awla, 170 g, Regal Rose, 180 g, Rajshahi Pan, 160 g

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Chandan 001-1
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Product Details
  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Ethnic gift
  • Premium Gift Pack
  • Premium Mix
  • Specialty Natural
  • Weight 490 Grams
  • Brand Chandan Mouth Freshener (Chandan Mukhwas)
  • Manufacturer STC INDIA PVT LTD

Ingrediants: Dry Dates, Fennel Seeds, Betel Leaves, Added Sugar) 80%, (Candied Papaya, Sweetened Rose Petal Paste) 15% & Spiced Extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLORS - Caramel. CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOR - ROSE. Dry Ginger Awla:Indian Gooseberry (Awla) 80%, Added Sugar 15%, Dry Ginger Powder & Flavor. Regal Rose:(Fennel Seeds, Added Sugar Dry Dates, Candied Papaya, Coriander Splits, Sesame Seeds, Indian Gooseberry, Amaranth Seeds) 95%, Rose Petals & Spiced Extract, Spinach Extract. CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL FOOD COLOURS –Turmeric (INS-100(i)), Caramel (INS-150d) & Annatto (INS-160b). CONTAINS NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOUR-ROSE. 7 Seeds Mix: (Flax Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Coriander Splits) 80%, Carom Seeds, Musk Melon Seeds, Dry Mango Seeds, Mixed Spices & Edible Salt.

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